"QuotaSatellite: browse with peace of mind"

New: QuotaSatellite shows peak hours traffic restrained by the operator.


QuotaSatellite is designed to run with Viasat SurfBeam 2 modem.
This modem is installed at user's home to get internet Satellite access :
in Europe tooway's via Ka-Sat satellite operated by skylogic,
in US WildBlue service.
To run the eligibility test, click here


QuotaSatellite install does not require any parameter setup.
You only need to check your Viasat SurfBeam 2 modem is ON and that your internet connection is active.

System configuration

QuotaSatellite is a Java application which requires JRE 1.7.0 or more. If Java is not installed on your machine, the QuotaSatellite installer will propose to install it for you.
QuotaSatellite is available on the following systems :
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
MAC OS X (10.5 +)

Traffic overview screenshot


Detailed Traffic screenshot


Preferences screenshot