QuotaSatellite Versions

QuotaSatellite is a JAVA application downloadable from this site for Windows, MAC OSX and Linux.

Latest version is QuotaSatellite 1.8.1
This version does not need connection to our site www.lamalva.fr
Older versions must be updated to continue to run after our site www.lamalva.fr will be closed in March 2018

Knowns problems in version 1.6

An activation problem of version 1.6 has been detected for Windows users only.
The last version 1.61 for Windows fixes the problem.

MAC OS X Mavericks installation uninstalls Java Run Time.
To recover JRE, Download Java Run Time

Known problem in version 1.3 (fixed in version 1.4)

Since january 1, 2013 , the updates are not working. One must clear the history with the button "Reset usage" to restart.
Only the installations made in 2012 are concerned.
If you install QuotaSatellite now in 2013, the problem will occur on january 1st 2014 and you will have to install version 1.4 before

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the hardware configuration required to run QuotaSatellite ?.

A: QuotaSatellite runs on PC and MAC (processor Intel 32/64 bits) connected to internet via the Viasat SurfBeam 2 modem..
This modem is provided in Europe by tooway distributors such as Bentley Walker, Tooway Direct , Avonline PLC, Broadband Wherever and Onwave Limited in UK, WildBlue in US,

Q: What are the supported Windows versions ?.

A JAVA : Windows XP, Vista, Vista64, Windows7, Windows7 x64, Windows8.

Q: What are the supported MAC OS X versions ?.

A: MAC OS X (intel) 10.5 Leopard , 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks.

Q: Does QuotaSatellite provide consumption per machine ?.

A: In current version, QuotaSatellite measures the traffic going up and down thru the SurfBeam 2 modem i.e. including all the devices and computers sharing the same internet access.

Q: How configure QuotaSatellite ?.

A: You can use QuotaSatellite with the default values. But, to obtain results in phase with your contract, you should customize the Preferences tab, especially, the periods (fixed or sliding), the quotas for each period, and reduction applicable to night hours.
The default values are recommended for the other parameters Max History Size and Update Frequency.

Q: QuotaSatellite traffic values are different from the traffic values of my ISP.

R:It may come from different reasons :
The last update time is different. Generally, the ISP update the traffic values every 15 minutes but the results are often shown with a delay. Verify the update time of your ISP and of QuotaSatellite.
For the Megabyte, QuotaSatellite uses the SI and IEC recommendations 1 MB = 1 000 000 bytes wikipedia Megabyte.
However, the usage persists to use powers of 2 to designate byte multiples (kiloByte; MegaByte...) then 1 MB = 1 048 576 bytes. If your ISP does not follow the norm, QuotaSatellite traffic values will be in excess of 4,86% to those of your ISP.

Q: In Preferences tab, what does mean GMT ?.

A: GMT (Greenwich Mean or Meridian for the sailors Time) is the mean solar hour at Greenwich meridian ( Wikipedia GMT).
It is the time used in the old contracts because it is independent of location and does not change in summer and winter. From early 2013, the contracts use local hours in the night hours definition. A choice "GMT or Local" has been added in QuotaSatellite version 1.5 to take in account this contract change.

Q: How can I report an anomaly or make a suggestion ?.

A: Use the contact form Contact.

Q: Should QuotaSatellite run permanently ?.

A: Not necessarily and you can switch off your computer.
Upon restart, QuotaSatellite will get the latest trafic values in the modem and add them to the traffic values saved before it was stopped.
However, if the modem counters have been reset while QuotaSatellite was not running, the traffic, if any, between the time QuotaStellite has been stopped and the time modem counters have been reset will not be accounted for.
You can switch off modem and computer, during night for example. In this case, as there is no internet traffic, QuotaSatellite will retart with the last saved traffic values.

Q: After QuotaSatellite is launched, the "last hour" values (and others) are more than the expected last hour traffic.

R: If you had traffic while QuotaSatellite was stopped, upon restart, QuotaSatellite will add all the traffic since the last traffic update.
One hour later, the last hour will be OK.
For the other totals, one should wait a delay corresponding to the measured period if the interruption has been longer than this period.
To avoid this problem, we recommend to launch QuotaSatellite automatically upon Mac restart and to let it run permanently.

Q: I have made a new QuotaSatellite install but the old data are displayed. How to restart from zero ?.

A (JAVA): Before you do a complete install, retrieve the activation code you will have to enter again. You will find this code in the mail you received from Avangate after your purchase..Then, suppress the QuotaSat repertory which is in your user repertory. This repertory is automatically created during install with default values and null traffic.
A (APP STORE) : Delete Home/Library/Application Support/QuotaSatellite and restart QuotaSatellite.
From Lion, by default, library under Home is not visible.
To make it visible, launch Terminal utility and enter the command chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Q: I have a repetitive error message which says " "Your user files will be reinitialized. If the problem persists, reset usage or reinstall your application" .
After re-install, the same error message is shown again.

A (JAVA): delete the QuotaSat repertory where the corrupted files are (see the previous answer).
A (APP STORE) : delete the Home/Library/Application Support/QuotaSatellite repertory where are the corrupted files (see the previous answer).